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France, Portugal, Spain and many more

Year round trips

Our goal is to match people with any kind of surfing holiday best fitting their needs and wants and we don’t stop until we’ve reached that goal!


SurfaWhile is a travel agency ran by two young guys from Amsterdam. Both of them have a passion for travelling, meeting people, exploring new places and of course surfing. On a day-to-day basis we make use of our experiences in order to help anyone who is looking for a surf holiday. This can be different types of holidays, but we are well convinced we can match you with the best possible surf trip for you.

The holidays we offer differ a lot; from an ‘ordinary’ surf camp to luxurious glamping tents and beautiful surf lodges and villa’s. Most of the surfing holidays will take place within Europe (France, Spain and Portugal) but we have some locations outside of Europe as well. Within the coming year we will further increase the number of holidays as well, so we will always have something of your likings.

The surfing trips have different characters:

-          We offer the regular surf camps, from camping style to luxurious surfing lodges on premium locations

-          We offer the combination of surf + language, in case you would like to learn Spanish, French, Portuguese or English, you can do so in combination with surfing (lessons or free surfing)

-          Furthermore we work together with a number of projects offering surfing in combination with volunteering

Please have a look onto our website to see the trips we do offer. Also we are very happy to tell you why you should use SurfaWhile to book your surfing holiday.

We do see why we can help you best, the question is whether you dare to experience that yourself as well!