France, Portugal & Moroccoo


Studying and working belong in our daily lives. A holiday of structure in a fun community provides you the support to find balance and focus. That is what learning, surfing, and yoga do for you. 


Connecting with nature is what you want. Learn Surf & Yoga helps you to discover this rewarding and personal connection.


Yoga gives you spiritual and physical strength. To awaken this power inside of you we have a morning vinyasa class and an evening yin class.

With Learn Surf & Yoga you can create your personal retreat with yoga, surf and space for your project. (e.g. exam preperation, thesis writing, business planning, relaxing...)

You can come to our retreat with an idea on what you want to work on or get inspired by our community and just let your mind wander and that's the idea of our perfect day.

A typical schedule might be:

07:30 - Vinyasa flow
08:45 - breakfast
09:15 - study/work/hike/read...
13:00 - lunch
14:00 - study/work/hike/read...
18:00 - every other day, individual alignment workshops/Yoga
19:00 - dinner, relaxation and good conversations


Morocco Dates:

  • 14th April - 20th April
  • 21st April - 27th April
  • 14th April - 27th April

Portugal Dates:

  • 12th May - 18th May
  • 29th Sept - 5th Oct
  • 6th Oct - 12th Oct
  • 13th Oct - 19th Oct
  • 29th Sept - 12th Oct
  • 6th Oct - 18th Oct

France Dates:

  • 25th July - 31st July
  • 25th July - 7th Aug
  • 8th Aug - 14th Aug
  • 18th Aug - 24th Aug
  • 18th Aug - 31st Aug
  • 1st Sept - 7th Sept
  • 1st Sept - 14th Sept
Amazing retreat in the Vosges with Lara and other yogis. Great classes for beginners as well as a little more experienced people. The environment was perfect to get focused and be productive on your projects. I personally used it for my summer strategic retreat and I cannot recommend it enough!!! I look forward to book a longer stay for next year.
— Chalotte Molin - France 2017