Portugal & France

Oct & Nov 2017, Feb - June 2018

On a blank piece of paper, with no limitations or restrictions, we wanted to change the way training holidays were delivered and challenge the mindset about what a ‘training camp’ could be.

We organise running, cycling and triathlon holidays in stunning settings:



  • Locations originally selected because of the beauty of the running routes that we discovered.
  • Algarve host’s breathtaking coastal tracks, woodland trail runs and flat beaches that span over 6km.
  • The Pyrenees puts size into perspective as you are dwarfed when running by (or up!) the enormous surrounding cols.
  • We mix each week up to showcase the best of what each location has to offer.
  • All our routes are suitable for a novice through to a championship runner.


  • Two Tour of the Algarve (“Volta ao Algarve”) stages are 5min minutes up the road from our villas in Portugal.
  • In France we are based near the foot of the Tourmalet in the Pyrenees.


  • Beautiful outdoor Olympic pool in the Algarve with access to our own private lanes.
  • Open water swim training
  • Open water technique and drafting
  • Workshop on the transition between swim & bike

2018 Calendar:


  • Running holiday - 27th Jan - 3rd Feb, 24th - 31st Mar
  • Duathlon holiday - 3rd - 10th Feb
  • Marathon holiday - 24th Feb - 3rd Mar
  • Triathlon holiday - 3rd - 10th Mar
  • IRON Man holiday - 14th - 21st Apr


  • Running holiday - 10th - 17th May
  • Duathlon holiday - 19th - 26th May

French Alps:

  • Running, triathlon and cycling holidays - dates TBC