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More than a Yoga Retreat

Much more than just a yoga retreat in the lush green mountains of Sri Lanka, Mamma Shanti is a little piece of magic…….

Life is full of magic, if we only open our eyes to see and our senses to perceive. It’s in
the fireflies that dance with the stars in the night, incense that sweetens the scent of
temples, the soft echoe of chanting across the lush mountainside, energy of one
hundred years imbued in a tree… Mamma Shanti is my proof that magic is real.

My name is Camilla, and I’m the soul mamma of Mamma Shanti – a unique retreat
space and guest house in the tea tangled foothills of Ella, Sri Lanka. Since starting my
travels in 2015, I’d been on a mission to help others make their dreams come true .
Until one day, I asked myself what my biggest, most daring dream was. How could I
truly help others live their best life if I hadn’t first reached the other side?

So I got going with my biggest manifestation yet…


Mamma Shanti the Yoga Retreat is born….

Sitting in a lakeside treehouse, in Kandy Sri Lanka, as the stars mingled in the waters
below and the sky above, a word drifted into my conscience.

Mamma Shanti.

It was a message echoing in the stars around me, and I was ready to listen. The more I
pondered on it, the more illumination I received, and an idea started forming in my

After two years of travelling, it was time for me to pursue my purpose for being on this
planet – helping others to be as happy and as peaceful as they possibly can be, living
as the grandest version of themselves.



Since a young age I’d believed in magic. 29 years on and not much has changed.
Except that now I know it’s real. It’s not make-believe. And this is my own personal
proof that life can be whatever you want it to be.

You can have anything you want.
You can be happy.
Life can be an incredible journey.

It’s all a matter of choice, being clear in what you want and then believing it’s already
yours. Mamma Shanti is my way of sharing my magic with the world.

I invite everyone who crosses our threshold to experience a different way of being, a
different way of experiencing, a different way of living. If only for a night, a couple of
days or even a few weeks, to live fully immersed in the healing energy of nature, to
take time to reconnect to earth and yourself, to switch off from the system and plug in
to your soul.


Where the magic happens

I welcome you to come lose your senses and find yourself in the majestic mountains
of Ella, Sri Lanka. Boasting a magnificent view of Ella Rock, Little Adam’s Peak and
Ravana Waterfall, with only the sights and sounds of nature all around – Mamma
Shanti makes the ideal mountainscape for rest, relaxation, and renewal.


The perfect spot

Our boutique yoga and wellness retreats are fully adaptable; tailored to your
unique desires. From forest walks to mountain meanders, secret waterfalls and
undiscovered trails… sense satiating yoga and delectable Sri Lankan bounty.. At
Mamma Shanti we offer you a soulful serving of nature at her best.

Salute the rise of each new day with an active Vinyasa practice, meditate at secluded
spots hidden deep within our wild banana plantation and magical forest, and wind
your way down with evening Yin and Yoga Nidra sessions as the fireflies light up the
night. Or, simply curl up with a book as the mist drifts through the valley and the ever
changing mountainscape shifts to a new form of your imagination’s creation.

Far from the stress of everyday living and the hustle and bustle of city life, we invite
you to unplug from technology and plug in to nature. We provide the paradise
playground for you to discover who you truly are and to find the inner tools you need
to live the life you’ve always wanted.

If you’d like to learn more about the magic of Mamma Shanti or organise a visit check out their DMM profile here or website here.

Triathlon Training with Buzz Performance

.Hi, we are Amelia & Joe Pearson, owner & operators of Buzz Performance based in Morzine, France. We are passionate about fitness, sport and a healthy lifestyle. The aim is to inspire and empower others to become the best version of themselves. Our speciality is triathlon training but we just as happy hiking or playing on the snow in the winter months.


Why did we choose to live in Morzine?


When I retired from competing in triathlons at the elite level we wanted to try something different from living and working as teachers and coaches in Tasmania, Australia. Morzine was one of the best places I had visited whilst racing and training around the world. Morzine is a French village in the Alps, about an hour from Geneva. It has a relaxed and spacious feel, with gorgeous chalets, alpine trees, a river flowing through the centre of town and mountains all around. In the summer, our favourite time of year, the town is decked with hanging baskets of flowers and a backdrop of snow-capped mountains make it picture perfect.

Through our sporting travels, we hadn’t found anywhere quite like Morzine. The opportunities for training and exercise are endless. There is a great pool and large lake for swimming, stunning cycle routes and gorgeous running trails, and at 1000m and close to Geneva, it became a perfect base for us to call home.


Triathlon in Morzine


After a lifetime in sport and 10 years of teaching, we now work as coaches and fitness instructors. Year-round we offer fitness sessions and personal training. Throughout summer we host triathlon and cycling holidays for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who want to come and experience this great area for themselves.

We aim to make our holidays unique to the individuals who visit. Each week is a little different depending on the needs, goals and fitness levels of the participants. We develop a training schedule and while it can be challenging it should be equally rewarding. Everyone gets the opportunity to improve technique, endurance and performance, no matter what their level of ability. There are a mixture of sessions of varying in duration and intensity.

We love what we do and we hope that transpires to what we offer our guests. We aim to create an environment that trumps being a professional athlete. For one week (or shorter or longer if you’d prefer) you get to train, eat, sleep and repeat. The accommodation is in a super comfortable luxury alpine chalet with a chef cooking fresh, nutritious and delicious breakfast and dinners.


More than just a training camp


Open water swimming, a vital component of any triathlon training programme

We also make sure there is ample time to relax and enjoy the surroundings. Morzine offers a vast array of activities from mountain biking, hiking, stand up paddle boarding, paragliding, white water rafting, horses riding, golf and more. So even if not everyone is into triathlon or cycling, our vistors have lots of options for doing more movement.

Being around like minded people helps inspire and motivate us. Whilst we consider ourselves to be experts in our field, other’s stories and experiences are extremely interesting.  There is always something to learn for each and everyone one of our visitors. Triathlon and cycling can be tough sports and we believe everyone is a winner just by taking part. We hope that by bringing people together they are also inspired to go out to chase their dreams and be the best they can be.

Supercharge your triathlon training by taking to the mountains of Morzine with the Buzz team

If this story is of interest to you please read more about us at and get in touch on or check out our profile on Do More Movement.