Do More Movement has three simple aims:

  • To provide a platform to research, read trusted reviews and book the best health and fitness retreats, adventures and events from all over the world.
  • To help bring exposure to the hundreds of fantastic small and independent teams the world over who are sharing their passion for an active body and mind. To help them get their stories to their audience and spread the important message that what the body and mind craves is to be challenged and rewarded.
  • To raise awareness of the huge benefits for both body and mind of leading an active and healthy life and to help people find what makes them want to #domoremovement.


Do More Movement was founded by Jeremy Johnston a proud South Londoner. Having always been a big believer in the physical and mental benefits of an active life he gave up a career in financial services in 2014 to follow his passion. Having established a successful Personal Training business and been featured by the likes of The Daily Telegraph and Grazia magazine, Do More Movement is the next step in his quest to spread the benefits of taking ownership of your body, challenging it in new ways and rewarding it with what it craves and needs most, movement.



Here are a few things that stir the soul and make us want to get outside and #domoremovement
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